A food trend taking Miami by storm is poké. Don’t confuse poké with ceviche, sashimi or tartare. It is a raw fish salad by way of Hawaii. Poké is cut in thick cubes, not sliced, and mixed free form in a salad. It doesn’t contain acid like ceviche, but has more of a bold, savoury and rounded flavours. It is also commonplace in Hawaii, served everywhere from restaurants to gas stations, grocery stores, surf shacks and beyond. It is a cheap and cheerful fast food. What makes it so great, is it is fast, healthy, clean food, that is fresh, filling and is big on flavour.

I am thrilled that a good poké place has opened in North Miami at 2451 NE 186th street, and there is free parking in the rear, right next to Aroma Espresso Bar. It is a pleasure not to have to fight traffic going south. The Poké + Go staff are friendly, and on arrival, they walked me through the drill. First, you select a bowl or a burrito, then you select a protein, toppings and a sauce. Burritos start at $10, and a bowl at $13. Your base can be white, or brown rice, zucchini noodles, or kale. Your burrito is either nori or soya paper. The proteins can be tuna, salmon, chicken, beef, or tofu. Toppings can range from cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, jalapeños, sprouts, Asian slaw, etc. and is unlimited, or you can add a premium topping like avocado for $1 extra. Then you can choose a sauce like spicy mayo, sweet teriyaki, zesty cilantro and so on. They have pre-designed bowls or you can customize your own. There are a plethora of fillings that can enhance your bowl to your own taste buds. Of course, the quality of your fish is critical, and the turnover here is big.

The place is small, with about 8 tables inside and a couple outside. But you can grab and go as well, or use Uber Eats.

This is unique food for the adventurous eater. If you think poké is a trend that is soon to die, think again. It is cheap, quick, easy and filling. I think it is here to stay.


Happy dining,

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