Thought by many to be the best pizza in the Universe, this Brooklyn institution has just opened a pop up in the Design District at 3801 NE 1st Ave and 39th Street, in October 2017, that will run until April 2018. It’s located in Jungle Plaza just off the “Jewelry” courtyard. Being served out of a food truck with a side wood-burning oven, they are pumping out some serious pies. I have to agree with the New York Times, who called Roberta’s a “cathedral to culinary excellence, with toppings set atop blistered and excellent crusts”. Apparently one of its founders, Brandon Hoy, specifically chose this location for the vibe and style of the area. He’s a supporter of the arts, and this area has many galleries, museums, and installations. The new Institute of Contemporary Art is scheduled to open December 2017. Just as in New York, this spot is known for its wood oven cooked pizza and hipster vibe. They play cool music and set up chairs, benches, hammocks and blow up swimming pools.

Open daily from 11am until 10pm, they are offering their signature pies, like the original, the bee sting, layered with tomato, mozzarella, soppressata, a dried Italian salami, with chili flakes and a drizzle of honey, or just a perfect simple margarita. They are baked up fresh and will have a rotating roster of seasonal specials. Prices range from $11-18, for these small out of this world pizzas. It is almost impossible to get into Roberta’s in Brooklyn, so now you have an opportunity to try their pies here. Let’s hope they decide to open a permanent brick and mortar place in Miami. The Daily Mail named it one of America’s top pizzerias. I couldn’t agree more.

Highly recommend.

Happy dining,

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