For all you sugar lovers and candy obsessed people, I have a new place for you. Actually, it has been in Toronto for about a year, but it is a recent discovery for me … introducing Squish Candies. A new artisanal candy store specializing in – drum roll, please – gourmet gummies! These just aren’t your typical gummies mind you, they are crafted from the highest quality ingredients, with over 100 mind-blowing flavours. Squish opened first in Montreal in 2004, where they have a few locations in Quebec. It’s founder Sarah Segal, is the daughter of the founder of David’s Tea. She drew her experience as chief tea developer and head of product development there to bring Squish to life. She knew a niche that was needed! Some of the gummies are produced in Germany, where gummies were invented, plus Sweden and the U.S. This company is the first of its kind in North America.

In the basement of the Hudson’s Bay in the Eaton Centre (as well as in Scarborough town center) you will find this colourful, delightful store. They have a helpful guide to help you make your decision. Each package of gummies displays the category, such as intense, fruity, calm, decadent, cocktail or mixed. Then there is a nutritional symbol to show if the item is fat-free, vegan, vegetarian, no GMO modifications, lactose or kosher. They use no chemicals, artificial colours or flavoring. There is a symbol to show if it is gluten free, dairy free, made with real fruit extracts, and certified ECO. I found there was a real complexity to many of the flavours. Some of the choices are things from peach or mango to champagne. There is strawberry rhubarb, tequila, rum, coke, strawberry milkshake, yogurt flavours, prosecco and so on. You can buy one of the alcohol flavours, like blue Curaçao and rum, and freeze them if you wish, then use them as an ice cube. And guess what? They absorb the alcohol you place them in. What a cool entertainment idea. The sizes and shapes are all different too, like hearts, bears, fish, flowers, fruits, shells, various animals and so on. They offer so many options and you can choose your favourite based on what is important to you. The packaging is also unique. I like the variety boxes and the tins. A top seller is the gummy layer cake. Who wouldn’t want one of those for a gift?? It is so easy to get addicted to this high-end candy. They also offer chocolate, licorice, marshmallows, hard candy and jelly beans. There are also bags of squish mixes. Know a good dentist? I do!

The store is clean, modern, with lovely displays. The staff is knowledgeable and enthusiastic. They are also more than happy to let you sample the product. You can also order online at
Squish is a satisfying chew. They offer a unique collection and candy experience.


Happy Eating,

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