The Big Fish has been around for years, but I was never tempted to try it.

Then one evening not wanting to wait over an hour to get into the Sushi Market and I remembered Big Fish was close by. Located at 620 NE 78th Street, on the Little River by Biscayne, at lunchtime on a Sunday the place was kind of empty. We found it dark and musty smelling inside so we opted for the outdoor patio, which was surprisingly nice. Situated right on the river, it’s romantic and quiet. I’d read that the service is horrendous here but our waiter Tony was friendly and attentive.
This is an Italian restaurant with a primary focus on seafood.

First bad sign was the bread they served. It was beyond stale. For me the quality of the bread is usually a sign for the quality of the rest of the meal.

However, our appetizer of tuna tartar and avocado on toast tasted fresh and tasty. My husband had the lobster with linguini. The lobster was pre-cooked, salty and barely warmed. The pasta was cooked and seasoned properly, though. I enjoyed my Insalata di Salmon, which was fresh tasting and perfectly grilled.

They serve Lavazza coffee and it was prepared like espresso we get in Italy, including the authentic, miniature biscotti biscuits on the side. In addition, they gave us a tiny glass of limoncello.

So I don’t think I would run back but it wasn’t a total disappointment. We also really enjoyed dining al fresco.

They are open for dinner only Monday to Wednesday and for lunch and dinner Thursday through Sunday.

Happy dining,

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