Pizza has been around since the tenth century and it has become popular throughout the world. Many people often name it as their favourite food. It was brought to North America in the 19th century, and its popularity exploded. But let’s be realistic, most pizza is not very good, places serve pizza with fake cheese, inferior toppings, or people pick up a frozen pie at the supermarket.

But we can rejoice because Toronto has a superior pie, that just may be a contender for the best pizza in the city, Maker Pizza on 59 Cameron Street just north of Queen Street. It is located on a nondescript side street, behind Chinatown, next to an auto garage.

Owner Schlomo Bachler who was formerly a partner at FBI Pizza runs a tight ship, inspecting every handcrafted pizza before it goes out. He brought on partner Matt Matheson of Parts and Labour as a consulting chef to create the menu, which consists of wings, salads, sandwiches and the most beautiful pizza made with fresh and unique gourmet ingredients. They use Tipo OO flour and proof the dough over three days. They import Italian tomatoes for their red based pizzas. The dough creates the right crust and consistency. The center is thin and the edges are a perfect, light and chewy.

There are thirteen pizzas on the menu with clever names like Napoli Dynamite, Tropic Thunder, Apocalypse Cow, Cool Hand Zucch and Sasquash. They use real cheeses like fior di latte, goat cheese, ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella. Some of the toppings are Italian sausages, roast chicken, roasted squash, mini meatballs, lemon zest, jalapeño, radicchio, egg, honey and so on. You can also customize your pizza with various toppings. The guy sitting next to me made a Big Mac (not on the menu) with lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and special sauce.

There is a couple of high top communal tables if you decide to eat in, but judging from the lineup of drivers I would say they are doing a booming delivery service. They will deliver if you are in a 5km radius. Good news, they will soon be opening their second location at Pusateri’s at Avenue Road and Lawrence.

A warning, the place gets smokey from the open kitchen, so you will most likely go home smelling. But, the place is spotless, they play cool music and the staff is friendly. They could give patrons sharper plastic knives to cut our pizza. This slice of heaven doesn’t come cheap. We ordered way too much, two medium pizzas and two waters came to $60. But we should have ordered two small pizzas. The good news is we had leftovers to take home. There are three sizes, S, M, & L. The prices range from $14-18 for a small, $22-27 for a medium and $25-35 for a large, depending on what you choose.

Schlomo tells me they make an awesome chocolate chip cookie, but unfortunately were sold out the night we were there.

They focus on what matters – fresh ingredients, creative recipes, cooked to order options and friendly staff. It has been rated number one in many Toronto publications and I can see why.

Come meet your Maker!

Highly recommend.

Happy dining,

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