We tried a newly opened restaurant in the RBC Water Park Place called Muki. It is located in Toronto’s Harbour front area at Bay and Queens Quay.

I would call it an upscale Japanese restaurant with sushi and raw bar. It is in s large space, around 7,000 square feet I am told and holds about 170 people. This is a Vancouver and Japanese based restaurant and Toronto is its first East coast location.

This is a stylish restaurant with aquatic themed murals. They specialize in a technique called Aburi, which is a method that lightly torches and sears the sushi. It is a delicious method of cooking and we enjoyed the salmon and thinly sliced prawns this way. They use Ocean Wise seafood which is sustainable.

Everything is fresh and gorgeously presented. The plates are artfully dressed with brushstroke of purée and reductions. We didn’t love everything we tried, but we liked it enough to go back. I would like to go with a larger group and try more dishes or opt for the Kaiseki menu of multi course meals. Please note they do not serve wasabi or soya sauce as things come already dressed. However I am sure you can request some.

The desserts were quite exceptional including a wonderful Amaretto Panna Cotta and the Green Tea Opera, which is a green tea genoise with matcha butter cream, dark chocolate ganache and matcha ice cream.

The servers were friendly and helpful and the restaurant is quite stylish.

It is not Sushi Kaji or Yasu, but it is worth checking out.



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