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1) New: IL Cucciolo, is a new restaurant opened by Sergio. He used to be partners with his brother at Da Giorgio in Capri. It has fantastic views and sunsets. The food is quite good. Seafood is a specialty. The drive from Capri is quite long as it is near the Blue Grotto.
1A) Da Giorgio, is also owned by Sergio. It is near the bus station, downstairs. The food is always good. Request a window table.
2) Aurora: is a popular spot. The thin crust pizza is great and so is the calamari. Love the pasta with the eggplant, tomatoes and mozzarella. The wine list is excellent but more expensive.
3) L’ Olivo: a 2 star Michelin restaurant up in Anacapri in the Capri Palace Hotel. This is a place for a special occasion meal. Dine alfresco.
4) The Lemon Tree: just up the street from the JK hotel. This is a lovely romantic outdoor setting. The fish is quite good here. It is a favourite of some and is dreaded by others. We seem to fall in to the second category. The place is pretty but the food can be mediocre.
5 ) Riccio: this is a good seafood restaurant near the Blue Grotto. It is a good stop to request for lunch when taking a boat around the island. Since it was taken over by the Capri Palace dinner is also served, expensive, but great, especially cherry tomatoes and Buffalo mozzarella, Orata Carpaccio with peaches and Zucchini flowers. Great seafood salad…cab ride from Capri 30 Euros. Just got its first star in Michelin.
6) Torre Saracena: a great spot where mostly locals go. It is in the Marina Piccola area. We walked down the newly opened Via Krupps (a spectacular walk and view) and went for lunch. (Note: this ramp has been temporarily closed for repairs, so you may have to take a taxi there until it reopens.) Then we walked off our lunch by walking back up the hill. However, you can catch a bus in the town. If going at night take a bus or taxi. The pasta’s served in the pot are great. They also have a great selection of fish and seafood.
7) Villa Verde: a popular place and fun atmosphere. You dine al fresco. Good service
8) La Fontelina: Our favourite lunch spot down at the Fontelina Beach Club. We walk down the thousands of steps, stay at the beach for the afternoon and have our lunch there. Walk back up or take the boat back to Marina Piccola. Reserve your table before going. Order the white Sangria (yum).
9) La Grotelle: this charming spot is nearby the Arco Naturelle. It is about a 20 minute walk up from town. The views are great and the nice family, serve good local cuisine.
10) JK Kitchen and Lounge: in the JK Capri hotel. Go for a drink or have lunch or dinner. The views are great and it is worth checking out this beautiful hotel.
11) Da Gelsomina in Anacapri with incredible views! Family run and home-style food. All vegetables grown on their huge organic garden, including their homemade organic house wine(pretty decent). Try the Caprese ravioli, best in Capri, the Pezzonia fish is good. They will pick you at the main square in Anacapri and drive you on these narrow roads up to the restaurant. Very reasonable. Very casual and authentic.
12) Approdo: very simple pizzeria in Marina Grande – great pizza, calamari, and pezzonia, very casual and moderately priced.
13) New: Mamma: at the former Da Gemma spot. It has been renovated into an all-white , pretty restaurant. The chef is supposed to be famous in Italy. I thought it was good, not great, but a little more elegant than some of the other restaurants in Capri. It just got a Michelin Star. Request a window table.
14) New: Panorama: situated below the Post Office. You can go down from there or off the Piazzeta by the Marconi outlet. This has been opened by Sergio’s (Da Giorgio) brother. The views are wonderful and the food is delicious. He grows his herbs and vegetables right on the property. Wear comfortable walking shoes to get there.
15) Cammerelle has now opened where Edode used to be. Although pretty, we did not enjoy our meal.
16) Da Tonino, on the way up to the Arco Naturale is supposed to be good again. We were supposed to go but it was so hot this year we decided not to do the walk in the heat. We will try it next year.
17) La Palette: also on our to try list next time. It has just opened and is half way up to the Arco Naturale right on the corner. The space has been closed for years and I hear it is been run by 2 young guys doing creative things.
Other things to try:
1) Bellini’s on the terrace of the Quisisana before you go for dinner. Yes they are expensive, but the people watching is great. You can’t beat thier olives. Lots of attitude from the staff though. I like the Bellini’s better at the JK, where they use fresh peach puree, the way it should be done and not by a mix.
2) Best Ice Cream on Capri across from Alberto and Lina Jewelry. We like the Capri de Fantasia flavour.
3) Drinks in the Piazzetta. They aren’t as good as the Quisisana but there is good people watching and they are way less money.
4) Off island ~
a) Quattro Passi: we went by boat, one of the best meals we ever had in Italy. We have been for dinner and lunch, but it is so nice to go during the day so you can enjoy all the views. This is a 2 star Michelin restaurant, and worth the money.
b) Conca del Scogno in Nerano: must go by boat only. It is a great restaurant, with fresh seafood and fish dishes. Good pasta as well. You will see a lot of yachts coming in here. You can also go swimming here. They will pick you up by dingy if you are in a large boat.
c) Lunch at D’ Alfonso in Sorrento. Go for a day trip and try this fussy starred Michelin Restaurant.
d) Lunch at Le Sirenuese in Positano. Take a boat or hydrofoil and go for a mediocre lunch at this hotel. But at least you can experience this lovely hotel. Or try a smaller establishment for a better lunch. Do a little shopping in town and return to Capri. Make sure you try some lemon Granita and some amazing tomatoes. Buy some lemon soap or candles in town. Best ice cream in the port at Bucco di Baco.
5) Our FAVOURITE thing to do is rent a private boat and driver (through the concierge), he will take you around the entire island and drop you off for lunch at La Fontelina beach club if you do a half day, or if you do a full day try Recommone (near Narrano on the mainland) restaurant La Conca del Sogno (waiter Alfonso), and after return to Marina Grande…always the BEST day of the trip!
6) Ravello just above Amalfi: check out the 5 star luxe Caruso Hotel, gorgeous infinity pool. Lorenzos is the favourite restaurant just outside of town.


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