If you are looking for something cheap and cheerful, look no further than Kensington Market. On a beautiful summer day in August, I didn’t mind standing in line for twenty to thirty minutes to try out Seven Lives Tacos Y Mariscos at 69 Kensington, by Baldwin.

Everyone in line said it was worth the wait.

An important warning, there is only one corner table and stand up room only inside, and it is tight. And, good luck finding a place outside to sit and eat your meal. I can’t see doing this in cold weather months unless my food went directly into my car and driven home to eat.

But there is a reason there is a line up out the door. The food is cheap, filling and fresh. The line moves fairly quickly and there is a small menu written on a chalkboard once you are inside. The Tijuana style tacos have an emphasis on fish and seafood, with one vegetarian choice and a pork taco as well. I like the blackened mahi-mahi the best. It was grilled with a dry rub of spices. It was also a fair size and the price was only $5. In fact, most of the tacos were $5. The Hawaiian poke and chips were $10, which was decent and I liked the homemade chips, and the ceviche tostada was $8. Drinks were only $2. They ran out of the lemonade by the time we got to the front but I tried the Aqua Fresca which was a red Jamaican hibiscus juice. I also tried a bottle of Mexican tamarind soda that was very interesting. Many patrons said the Baja taco with a battered deep fried mahi-mahi was good as was the octopus with pumpkin seed mole. The signature dish is the Gobernador, which pairs smoked marlin with shrimp and melted cheese. There is a selection of mild, medium and hot salsas on the counter where you can enhance your taco.

,Do they make the best tacos I have ever tasted? I would have to say no, but they are good, light on the pocketbook, and quite hardy.
Things do get a little messy so be sure to grab a lot of napkins, as the toppings tend to overflow. By the way, this is a cash-only business.

Don’t forget, you can cross the street to their other place called Seven Lives Paleteria, which is an ice pop shop and grab a great homemade Mexican popsicle.


Happy dining,

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