I remember when Queen Street West only had Noce Restaurant, Lulu Lemon and then Nadege finally opened. Before that it was sub par restaurants and tacky stores. But this area is fast becoming a “hot” district. A few years ago the Terroni family opened Sud Forno just a few doors east of its Queen Street location at 716 Queen Street West. They needed a bakery to make fresh breads to supply all their restaurants and thus, the birth of Sud Forno. But this tiny jewel of a place makes more than breads. The long display case holds things like in-house baked pastries, such as cannoli, biscotti, bombolinis, cookies and tarts, and freshly made sandwiches, pasta, grain salads and homemade gelato.

The warm counter serves up individual Roman style slices with toppings like sausage and potatoes, porcetta, mushrooms, caramelized onions and margarita. I went at lunch hour and there was a lineup out the door. But they told me weekends are even more chaotic. The space is modern with marble, steel and copper and also classic with mosaics, ceramic and wood touches. It actually reminds me of some food shops I visit in Italy. Everything is displayed beautifully in such a small space. You can take out or eat in. There are a few spots at the window counter or take your food upstairs where there is a long communal table and an outdoor patio for nicer weather.

One fabulous treat is the bombolini, an Italian sugar donut with fillings of Nutella or crema. They are fabulous and also come in a guilt free mini size. Everything is extremely fresh due to the high turnover. They also have shelves of Italian grocery items like pasta and olive oil. Sud Forno is serving up a palette of Italian delights, in a street friendly space with a modern yet warm grab and go space. They are open daily from 8am until 11pm. Come in for breakfast and cappuccino, lunch, a quick dinner or a mid-afternoon coffee and cake.


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