It’s no longer just about burgers, pizza and hot dogs, we find it hard to resist a good cupcake. After all, it is one of the world’s most beloved desserts, along with cheesecake. I’m here to tell you about one of Toronto’s best kept secrets.

A new dessert/catering business was born in Toronto in January 2020, called Toronto Food Boss. Amanda and Rohan started out by making desserts for loved ones to create happiness during uncertain times, and their timing couldn’t be more perfect. Rohan has 15 years in the culinary arts and his partner Amanda has an eye for beauty and modern styles. I honestly have never seen such beautiful cupcakes.

They claim to “create memorable moments” and they certainly made our day with a delivery of cheesecake bites and a box of artistically designed cupcakes. The treats are handcrafted in a variety of divine flavours. The cheesecake bites come as a set of six. There is classic cherry-almond, hazelnut-peanut, blueberry, blackberry, lime-coconut, raspberry-banana, and strawberry-orange. You can also order a full cheesecake, with the price depending on the topping.

The cupcakes come in 11 flavours, plus custom flavours by special request. These frosted crowned beauties use creative names like rainbow of Babylon, smarties crown prince, pancake and syrup, s’mores campfire, cookies and cream cliffhanger, Reece’s peanut crumble, cotton candy, O Henry happiness, and dad’s popcorn.

At the moment, you have to pre-order three days in advance. They deliver throughout the greater Toronto area and the boxes go for $20. If you order 2 or more boxes the price drops to $15 per box. You need a minimum $30 order for delivery. The prices are very fair for the level of work that goes into these beautiful creations. They would make a great hostess gift, party favour, or as a beautiful addition to a dessert table.

I’m proud to see this sweet addition of a mom and pop idea flourish in Toronto. Customers will always crave the satisfaction supplied by a moist single serving bite of cheesecake cake or a cupcake with a brandish of decadent icing. When a craving hits, check out @torontofoodboss, because there is almost never too much of a good thing. Or send some memorable moments to someone you love.


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