In the heart of the Wynwood district on a very interesting street at 218 Northwest 25th Street (it’s definitely worth checking out the stores and art warehouses in the area) is an industrial looking space with a wide open kitchen. GK Bistronomie has a new approach to the Peruvian food scene. The Chef has quite a pedigree, he previously worked in a kitchen that was rated in the top 200 of the world. He also used to work at Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys and Little Torch Key and Zagat rated his restaurant there the third best in the US. GK is a spacious room with pine tables and artwork adorn the walls.

We enjoyed some Pisco Sours while perusing the unique menu. Mine was a classic and my partner’s was an orange Pisco Sour that reminded me of a creamsicle of my youth.

There were a lot of elements to each dish. We decided to go for a fish and seafood dinner.

We started with a Grouper Tiradito, with Parmesan Reggiano, lime, and chives. I know this sounds like an unorthodox mix but it worked and was our favourite dish. We tried the Peruvian Classic Ceviche of Snapper which was good, but was missing a little zip. It contained the typical large corn, sweet potato (puréed here), lime, cilantro and red onion.

We then tried a Crab and Avocado dish with jumbo lump crab, avocado and caviar – it was tasty.

The Scallops we had were pan seared with a corn purée and crispy prosciutto. It was good but the Chef for me was a little timid with his spices, but I was happy he didn’t over salt like most restaurants. His dishes are all visually beautiful and artfully plated.

For dessert we tried the Nutella Mousse with almonds, dark chocolate and coffee meringue. It was served in a Mason jar, which was a cute presentation and quite good. We also had the Creme Brûlée with vanilla from Madagascar, with ginger marshmallows, Thai basil and pickled blueberries. Both desserts were good.

All in all it was a unique menu and a creative cocktail list. The space is cool and you can dine inside or outside. It is a little gem in the heart of Wynwood.

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  1. Hinda says:

    Excellent job Shanea, I have really been enjoying reading your blogs and loving the recommendations. What a great success!

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